Photos From Around The Layout – April 17

It’s been a while since the 4859 made a run on the layout. While there are several GG-1s in museums around the US, unfortunately none of them will run again. But, on a layout that is based on a railroad museum, anything is possible including a GG-1 pulling a special “heritage train.”

Like the HHP-8, the GG-1 was something I really wanted on the old layout and while Kato did release a version of the GG-1 before I took that layout down – it was also priced way outside of my budget.

Fast forward 19 years and Kato’s DCC equipped GG-1 was the first locomotive I bought for the new layout. Of course now I have the problem that I don’t have anything to pull behind it! Not long before Kato released the GG-1 19 years ago they also released smooth sided passenger cars for several railroads and I bought the New York Central set back then to run behind my NYC PA1/PB1 set and my NYC E8/9 set. But since I didn’t have any Pennsy engines I didn’t buy the Pennsy passenger car set back then nor did I buy the Broadway Limited set last year when I had the chance – so now I can’t find any Pennsy passenger cars to pull behind the GG-1.